"What did you say?"

I remember the day that I decided to create this kid-friendly body scan. For about the 10th time in one week, I asked a child what they were noticing in their body, when finally one child replied back with a curiously arrogant, "What did you say? comment.

Words didn't even come close to the power of these body scans. Children are not miniature adults. Due to their limited life experience, it can be super helpful to have some clinical tools on hand to show them what is happening in their body.

Awareness of body sensations supports processing and integration, aka helps them to feel better quicker. By design, the body sometimes shuts down the felt sense to help one survive potentially traumatizing situations. That's where this body scan comes in to PLAY, by teaching kids what and how to notice bodily sensations.

This is a clinical tool that you wont regret having in your practice.

This product is not currently available.