Virtual EMDR & Online Sandtray Therapy Integrated

3.5 EMDRIA Credits. Surpassing the Limitation of Words through Deeper Right Brain Engagement

IMPORTANT: EMDRIA's Guidelines for Virtual EMDR Therapy is included in course curriculum. (Click on this link to access it in a new tab.). Adherence to these Virtual EMDR Therapy guidelnes are essential.

Integrate Sandtray Therapy throughout all 8 phases of EMDR Therapy

with FIDELITY as your clients move towards ADAPTIVE RESOLUTION!!

This advanced training is for EMDR trained clinicians is approved for 3.5 EMDRIA Credits

with Jackie Flynn, Ed.S, LMHC-S, RPT

Host of Play Therapy Community Podcast, EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Registered Play Therapist, Host of EMDR with Kids & Innovative Child Therapy Symposium and Founder of EMDR & Play Therapy Integration Support, LLC

Deepen your trauma work through the combination of Virtual EMDR & Sandtray therapy with all ages. This robust therapeutic combination is an ideal approach to working with clients online as it strengthens the profound healing power of EMDR by taking your whole-brain EMDR work to a deeper level through the psychological distance of the metaphor, safety, insights and containment of Sandtray Therapy. This integrated approach enhances the bilateral connection between the hemispheres of the brain, which is at the heart of the EMDR process, as well as dual awareness throughout the phases. In this course, you will learn how to integrate Online Sandtray Therapy throughout all 8 Phases of EMDR Therapy.

Sandtray Therapy offers a deeper access to traumatically stored material through the power of the metaphor as it increases right brain engagement.

This integrated approach supports the bilateral connection between the hemispheres of the brain, which is at the heart of the EMDR process, as well as dual awareness throughout the phases.

Online Sandtray and Virtual EMDR Therapy make an ideal combination (much like macaroni & cheese!!) throughout all 8 phases: History Taking, Preparation, Assessment, Desensitization, Installation, Body Scan, Closure, and Re-evaluation. Each one of these therapies alone has great potential to heal trauma, but when combined the healing power is limitless.

Apply what you learn in this training with the remote Sandtray options of your choice. Fortunately, there are GREAT OPTIONS when it comes to delivering Sandtray Therapy remotely. Here are a few discussed in this training: Virtual Sandtray App from Dr. Jessica Stone, Dual Camera Set-Up of Tangible Sandtray, and Dr. Karen Fried's free Online Sandtray site of how to engage in Sandtray remotely with clients.

It's important to know that the ethical practice of Sandtray Therapy, remotely or in-person, requires periodic quality training.

Following are a some of the many quality Sandtray Therapy training and resource options available:

(Jackie Flynn is not affiliated with the following recommendations. These resources are listed for your convenience as quality options for further training to strengthen your capacity to ethically engage in quality Sandtray Therapy with your clients.)

For this course, I chose to use the Online Sand Tray by Dr. Karen Fried for instruction and demonstration purposes that is available FREE online at We feel so grateful to Dr. Fried, from Oaklander Training, for making this amazing resources available to people around the world free of change. THANK YOU!!

Learning Objectives

  • Review the 8 phases of the Basic Protocol of EMDR therapy: History Taking, Preparation, Assessment, Desensitization, Installation, Body Scan, Closure, and Reevaluation through the lens of Online Sandtray Therapy integration.
  • Summarize basic tenets theory, skills, tools, and directives of Sandtray therapy and how to apply learned knowledge in the online format.
  • Explore important considerations when delivering therapy remotely.
  • Review relevant Therapeutic Powers of Play in regards to the integration of Virtual EMDR and Online Sandtray Therapy."
  • Observe demonstrations of a client session using all 8 phases of EMDR Therapy delivered virtually integrated with Online Sandtray Therapy. (PHASE 1-8: HISTORY TAKING, PREPARATION, ASSESSMENT, DESENSITIZATION, INSTALLMENT, BODY SCAN, CLOSURE, & RE-EVALUATION)
  • Learn how to support the client’s capacity to self-regulate through regulation techniques conducive to the online setting. (PHASE 2: PREPARATION)
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Polyvagal theory in regards to client’s window of tolerance, somatic awareness, and abreactions and how to use the Sandtray to help clients regain a sense of connection and safety. (PHASE 2: PREPARATION)
  • Learn how to support the EMDR AIP model, Adaptive Information Processing, and how to hold space for, recognize, and respond to adaptive shifts throughout the Online Sandtray Therapy process. (PHASE 2: PREPARATION)
  • Learn multiple Online Sandtray Therapy directives to support client’s emotional literacy and emotional somatic location awareness. (PHASE 2: PREPARATION)
  • Observe a demonstration of the use of virtual images as attachment figures to prepare the client for later phases of EMDR therapy and to build a bank of applicable cognitive interweaves. (PHASE 2: PREPARATION)
  • Observe how to use Online Sandtray Images for later phases of EMDR therapy throughout resource development. (PHASE 2: PREPARATION)
  • Learn how set-up an EMDR target in the Online Sandtray site through Sandtray Therapy directives, elicit positive and negative cognitions, and to measure disturbance levels while working virtually with clients. (PHASE 3: ASSESSMENT)
  • Explore various online options for Bi-lateral Stimulation in the Online Sandtray to reduce the client’s level of disturbance for identified targets. (PHASE 4: DESENSITIZATION)
  • Learn Online Sandtray Therapy directives to reassess and engage in positive cognition installment. (PHASE 5: INSTALLATION)
  • Observe how to verbally direct clients to track their body sensations and engage in a body scan following reprocessing in the Online Sandtray. (PHASE 6: BODY SCAN)
  • Learn how to direct clients to pendulate somatically stuck targets. (PHASE 7: CLOSURE)
  • Learn how to use the Online Sandtray and surrounding from the client’s physical location as an emotional regulation tool to implement of grounding techniques for stabilization and attainment of a sense of equilibrium during the closing phase of an EMDR session. (PHASE 7: CLOSURE)
  • Learn how to reassess previous EMDR targets, SUD (subjective unit of distress) and the VOC, (validity of cognitions) in the Online Sandtray. (PHASE 8: RE-EVALUATION)

Your Instructor

Jackie Flynn, EdS, LMHC-S, RPT-S, EMDRIA Approved
Jackie Flynn, EdS, LMHC-S, RPT-S, EMDRIA Approved

About the Trainer

Jackie Flynn is an experienced Certified EMDR therapist, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, an Approved Provider for the Association for Play Therapy, and an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, EC Provider (#19012-29). Specializing in EMDR intensives, Jackie has become a sought-after expert, with people traveling from far and wide to benefit from her efficient format to therapy. In addition to these roles, she serves as an education consultant, author, and internationally recognized speaker.

She harbors a special interest in integrating EMDR in nature, applying neuroscience throughout the process to enhance the therapeutic experience. Another area of her expertise is integrating play therapy into each phase of EMDR, making the healing power of this method more accessible to children.

Jackie has also earned certification from ILS (Integrated Listening Systems) to provide the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) — a non-invasive application of the Polyvagal Theory designed to benefit individuals of all ages.

While Jackie is renowned for her work with children, teens, and families, her expertise also extends to individuals across all age groups. Driven by her aspiration to significantly reduce global suffering, she delivers top-notch experiential trainings, consultations, and develops clinical resources specifically designed for child therapists. Her proficiency in telehealth enables her to support clinicians worldwide in offering the healing touch of Play and EMDR therapies online.

Jackie's contributions include Play Therapy trainings, EMDR advanced training, and consultation efforts. She is the host of the Play Therapy Community podcast and the annual Innovative Child Therapy Symposium. Jackie also organizes the Neuroscience of Play Therapy Summit at the beach. As a private practitioner, she serves children and families in the state of Florida, offering a comprehensive and transformative approach to therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long will I have access to this course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Does Jackie Flynn provide case consultation?
Yes, Jackie is an EMDRIA approved consultant. Visit to learn about consultation opportunities.
Do I need any EMDR training before I take this advanced course?
This training is open to clinicians who are at least partially trained in EMDR. These are NOT an EMDR basic training. It is strongly recommended that attendees complete the full EMDR basic training and have experience in using EMDR with children and adolescents before using this material. Eligibility for EMDRIA Credits is restricted to those who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training. Attendees who are partially trained in EMDR are not eligible to receive EMDRIA Credits.

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